2 Awesome Euro Trading Tips

  • The most powerful trade for the Euro usually happens when the Euro is least liquid, November and December. For this reason, traders must be ready for unforeseen volatility regardless of the typical pattern. Additionally, counterseasonal moves in thinly traded markets can be intense. There’s no grounds for a trader to sabotage their vacation over the currency market, so keep guesswork at a safe level.
  • Although there’s a visible pattern for a euro bottom during the summer period, the timing of such a low can be very unpredictable. Because of this, low-leverage strategies that allows comfortable dollar cost averaging (purchasing more as the market depreciates) are optimal. Even modest traders can partake in such a plan utilising the e-micro currency futures. At $10 per tick, all sorts of traders can use a buy and hold attitude to currencies with the flexibility to build on a position.

2 Awesome Euro Trading Tips Conclusion

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