2 Great Gold Trading Tips

  • First in 2 Great Gold Trading Tips, Gold prices usually peak in the backend of the year, but the buying occurs early in preparation of the actual need of the gold jewellery. The most consistent seasonal trade is one that demands being bullish in gold in the early to mid-summer. Some traders are enthusiastic to start establishing bullish positions in March, since Gold regularly sees a substantial break in prices off the back of a conclusion to the Valentine’s Day demand. Early buyers should be prepared to be composed and accept the risk of a drawdown before prices strengthen. The bulls must not remain invested for too long, since gold buying usually vanishes in September and October.
  • One other well-known trade in commodity trading circles is to be bearish gold in February in preparation for the common March break. We see the timing of this move to be less valid than the above summer bullish pattern since the pattern has moved from February to March over many years. Having said that, being mindful of this likelihood could help trader’s timing, or at the minimum help avoid destructive trading actions.

2 Great Gold Trading Tips Conclusion

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To give 2 Great Gold Trading Tips readers long-term history of Gold prices.
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