3 Awesome Crude Oil Trading Tips

  • Crude Oil is the sort of market that has the tendency to go up with much more strength than it goes down. Having said that, those invested in long trades throughout the 2014 collapse may state otherwise. Even when you are trading Crude Oil with seasonal odds in your favour, this element has to be accounted for. For this reason, all open-ended bearish trades for example short futures contracts or naked short calls ought-to be executed with considerable caution during February through October period. Maybe traders ought-to avoid bearish trades during this period unless there is overly sound reasons.
  • The most advantageous seasonal trades in Crude Oil is usually bullish strategies in either January or February. If values are sluggish during this period, conditions could call for more aggression than normal.
  • A different trade to watch for is being bearish Oil in October. If prices go into the October-November at inflated levels, it’s generally a safe position for bearish trades.

3 Awesome Crude Oil Trading Tips Conclusion

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Image purpose is so Crude Oil Trading Tips readers can see the commoditie's long-term past performance
Crude oil prices in dollar and euro by Jashuah. Licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.