3 Best Times To Buy Gold

best times to buy gold when to invest in gold

When is the best times to buy Gold?

Best time is when there is negative attitude towards Gold, this generally coincides with better value for money when buying. This is crucial, as upside potential is greater as opposed to buying gold when it’s prices could be over-inflated and will take much longer to recoup your initial investment, should a correction occur.

Tip: If you are unsure about market sentiment towards Gold, but would still like to invest in this commodity, try buying Gold in set time periods. For example buying $1,000 worth of Gold every year. By averaging into multiple positions over time there is greater potential to form a encouraging cost basis that provides great opportunity to generate profit in the long-term.

Below is a graph for the price of an ounce of Gold since 1971. As you can see if you invest too much capital at once when Gold is trending up, you might have to wait an extended amount of time to be in a profitable position.

To reinforce the purchase or investment in gold when there is negative sentiment and to buy in set time periods as stated in 3 Best Times To Buy Gold.

What about the best time of year?

Since 1975 on average Gold has lost the most value around 1% in the month of March. But if you forget to invest in March other months which have had poor performance are early January, April and late June.

What has been the optimal time to go long Gold Futures?

The best time to go bullish Gold futures has been from the end of June to early August. But, going long Gold Futures in March might not be a bad idea, since Gold sees a large break in prices after Valentines day demand. Early Bulls should be prepared to be patient though and accept the risk of a decline before the Gold price strengthens.

Should I invest in Gold or Gold mining stocks?

If you believe the price of gold might be approaching a peak you’re better off owning Gold. But if you believe Gold will increase in value you should invest in Gold mining stocks as they provide higher returns over time.

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3 Best Times To Buy Gold Conclusion

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