6 Best Penny Stock Websites

Best Penny Stock Websites covers the tools available to those who wish to trade Penny Stocks in order to assist them in making better informed decisions regarding which stocks to choose and whether or not to enter into a specific position.

6 Best Penny Stock Websites

First we have Yahoo Finance, since it is the go-to site for all general information for any given stock, Yahoo provides a wide range of key features to everyone free of charge.

Among these features, one can find the most recent news for a stock, SEC filings, fundamental information for a company, as well as a message board.

URL: http://finance.yahoo.com

Next we have Seeking Alpha, which is touted as a financial platform that provides it’s users with a extensive range of articles for stocks. It’s regularly updated by around 8,000 contributors and covers all sorts of equities.

This is a helpful tool for getting information. Take into account that free accounts receive articles in a delayed manner, whereas pro accounts do not, and have very strict requirements.

Seeking Alpha’s articles are also known to generate momentum in stock prices, some investors see this is as a form of manipulation.

URL: http://seeking Alpha.com

Even though Google Finance has a lot of similarities to Yahoo Finance, we think that platform isn’t as easy to use and understand.

But on the other hand, it’s free and provides current information about stocks, plus news and quotes.

We recommend Google Finance for those who would like a quick summary of a stock or news.

URL: http://www.google.com/finance

Stockfetcher should be one of your tools if you are penny stock trading. Since even though it’s a delayed stock scanner, it’s useful as it offers a range of features to generate efficient filters.

It’s main feature is it’s central concept of generating personal filters based on your trading requirements. Set your filters and it produces a record of all matching stocks based on your formula, and displays all the mentioned technical information of a specific instrument, as well as quick charts.

Stockfetcher also allows users to save filters which they have built and put them to use when needed.

URL: http://www.stockfetcher.com

Next we have OTC Markets which is the official website for Over The Counter stocks. It offers a market scanner that has a couple of features with regard to filtering. Additionally, it offers SEC filings in addition to different tools that are similar to Yahoo Finance’s.

OTC Markets is tailor-made for scanning and researching Over The Counter Stocks.

URL: http://www.otcmarkets.com/

Lastly we have TradingView which is an advanced charting program that offers it’s users with helpful tools for charting stocks and drawing on them.

The free version offers delayed stock information and reduced features, while the paid subscription can cover real-time data.

Tradingview is appropriate for users looking for an advanced charting tool that doesn’t require a brokers program to be active. It’s also suitable for those who wish to download their charts and attach indicators to them.

URL: https://www.tradingview.com

6 Best Penny Stock Websites Conclusion

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