Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet

financial ratios cheat sheet

1. P/E RatioIt is better if it is less than 25.
2. Price-to-book ValueIf it is less than or equals to 1.5, or lower as compared to peer companies in the same industry, then it is better
3. Debt-to-equity RatioPlease check if this is less than 1.
4. Operating Profit MarginIt depends on the sector.A higher ratio is better.
5. Price/Earnings Growth RatioIt is better if it is greater than 10%.
6. Return On EquityGreater than 20% is preferred in this case.
7. Interest Coverage RatioAt least 2, higher the better.
8. Current RatioGreater than 1 is preferable.
9. Asset Turnover RatioHigher the better
10. Dividend YieldAround 4-6% is preferable.

Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet Conclusion

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To show Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet readers how companies PE ratio has reverted back around to 15.
SP 500 Price Earnings Ratio (CAPE) by Farcaster.
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