6 Popular Futures Trading Platform Reviews

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6 Popular Futures Trading Platform Reviews covers advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with 6 well-established mobile Futures trading platforms.

Futures Trading Platform reviews

iBroker- This is possibly the best choice for the part-time trader since it doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee. Instead, traders are billed on a per-trade basis when utilising it; determined by the brokerage firm, any trade settled through this application comes with an extra fee of 25 to 50 cents. Having said that, in the dangerous area of futures and options, the advantage of mobile trading execution is far more beneficial than a few cents per trade. iBroker can be utilised at many different brokerage firms thanks to the ability to connect to the CQG API which is a favoured solution for traders on the move.

CityTrader- Traders can log into the CityTrader mobile application at no extra cost ($50 each month for the range of products). This app aims for simplicity while delivering on function; with trading entry on all devices and brands of computers, CityTrader steps up for most traders.

BarchartTrader- Access to BarchartTrader’s mobile platform is covered in the subscription fee of the desktop platform, at a cost of around $129 per month. The detail that sets BarchartTrader from different mobile applications is it’s analytical capabilities.

To remind 6 Popular Futures Trading Platform Reviews readers that this page's reviews are tailored for mobile traders.

QST Mobile– At $60 a month this is a high-end mobile platform, but you get what you pay for. QST is a premium mobile platform in that it has transferred many features from the desktop version to its mobile platform. For example, QST Mobile provides option chains, price ladders, block trades, and news feeds. The above features are quite rare for mobile trading applications. In addition, QST Mobile is one of a handful of mobile solutions that can be operated with a Blackberry.

T4 Mobile by CTS- This mobile platform is fast and user-friendly with quick loading times and swift execution. The T4 Mobile platform doesn’t demand an extra platform subscription; it is incorporated in the CTS T4 suite, that also provides a web-based platform and a downloaded desktop version. A drawback of the T4 is its inability to show a simple account summary with its mobile platform.

Oak Mobile- This mobile platform can only be operated by traders using ADMIS to clear trades. As opposed to the T4, this mobile platform shines in giving traders an account summary that has their margin status. Because of the difficulties associated with margin calculations, this is a uncommon and great feature for a mobile platform.

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