How To Buy Stocks For Beginners

how to buy stocks for beginners

  1. Search and sign-up to a simple and reputable online stock broker, by reading and watching online reviews. Then check chosen stock broker’s licences and history, through local government regulatory databases.
  2. Search and copy the publicly listed company’s ticker symbol. Also known as code, for whichever company you wish to invest in or trade.
  3. Head to your broker’s trading page and paste the copied ticker symbol, e.g. XYZ into the symbol box.
  4. Select quantity and enter how many shares you would like to buy. Or select value, and enter how much you wish to invest.
  5. Choose order type, market (buy stock for best current sale price), or limit (buy stock only for your predetermined price).
  6. Select Expiry type/Duration “Good till expiry” or “Good for day”
  7. Select review order. Warning: Double check all entries are correct.
  8. Lastly submit order.

How To Buy Stocks For Beginners Conclusion

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