Long Short Mutual Funds

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SymbolCompany Name
ADMZX361 Domestic Long/Short Equity Fund
AGAWX361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund
ABRSXABR 50/50 Volatility Fund
VOLSXABR 75/25 Volatility Fund
ABRVXABR Dynamic Blend Equity & Volatility Fd
ASLAXAB Select US Long/Short Portfolio
ADOAXACM Dynamic Opportunity Fund
SPEDXAlger Dynamic Opportunities Fund
DGQAXAmericaFirst Defensive Growth Fund
ARLSXAMG River Road International Value Eq
ATESXAnchor Risk Managed Equity Strategies Fd
ATGSXAnchor Risk Managed Global Strategies Fd
QLEIXAQR Long-Short Equity Fund
QNZRXAQR Sustainable Long-Short Eq Cbn Awr
EEHAXAXS Alternative Growth Fd
BABSXBlackRock Global Equity Absolute Return
BELSXBoston Partners Emerging Mkts Dyn Eq Fd
BGLSXBoston Partners Global Long/Short Fund
BPLSXBoston Partners Long/Short Equity Fund
BPIRXBoston Partners Long/Short Research Fund
CPLSXCalamos Phineus Long/Short Fund
COAGXCaldwell & Orkin – Gator Capital L/S Fd
CLOVXClough Global Long/Short Fund
CPAEXCounterpoint Tactical Equity Fund
CRIHXCRM Long/Short Opportunities Fund
MFADXCromwell Marketfield Long Short Fund
FHEJXDelaware Hedged U.S. Eq Opps Fd
DIAMXDiamond Hill Long-Short Fund
JEHIXEasterly EHS Fund
SNOAXEasterly Snow Capital Long/Short Opports
QAMNXFederated Hermes MDT Market Neutral
HROAXFintrust Income and Opportunity Fund
FVALXForester Value Fund
GARIXGotham Absolute Return Fund
GDLFXGotham Defensive Long 500 Fund
GCHDXGotham Hedged Core Fund
GHPLXGotham Hedged Plus Fund
GTRFXGotham Total Return Fund
GIVYXGreenwich Ivy Long-Short Fd
SAOAXGuggenheim Alpha Opportunity Fund
RYAMXGuggenheim Long Short Equity Fund
HSGFXHussman Strategic Growth Fund
HSIEXHussman Strategic International Fd
JSFBXJHancock Seaport Long/Short Fund
JOELXJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S Fd
KCEIXKnights of Columbus Long/Short Equity Fd
LEQAXLoCorr Dynamic Equity Fund
LONAXLongboard Alternative Growth Fund
LSOFXLS Opportunity Fund Institutional Class
FLSPXMeeder Spectrum Fund
MNWAXMFS Managed Wealth Fund
CDAZXMulti-Manager Directional Alt Strat Fd
NAVAXNavigator Equity Hedged Fund
NLSAXNeuberger Berman Long Short Fund
HHCAXNexPoint Event Driven Fund
NCLIXNuance Concentrated Value Lg-Shrt Fd
NELAXNuveen Equity Long/Short Fund
OASDXOakhurst Strategic Defined Risk Fund
PHSWXParvin Hedged Equity Solari World Fund
LSEAXPersimmon Long/Short Fund
PWLBXPIMCO RAE Worldwide Long/Short PLUS Fd
PROAXProbabilities Fund
GTAPXQuantitative US Long/Short Eq Port
RLSIXRiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund
FTAGXSalient Tactical Growth Fund
SBTAXSalient Tactical Plus Fund
SVDHXSavos Dynamic Hedging Fund
VMEIXSecurian AM Equity Stabilization Fd
SLHIXSirios Long/Short Fund
TFAQXTFA Quantitative Fund
THIDXToews Hedged Oceana Fd
THLGXToews Hedged U.S. Fd
THSMXToews Hedged U.S. Opportunity Fd
TTDAXToews Tactical Defensive Alpha Fund
VLSAXVirtus KAR Long/Short Equity Fund
WGLSXWasatch Long/Short Alpha Fund
WAYEXWaycross Long/Short Equity Fund
WPOPXWeitz Partners III Opportunity Fund
WRAAXWilmington Global Alpha Equities Fund

Long Short Mutual Funds Conclusion

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