3 Great NASDAQ Trading Strategies

The first tactic in NASDAQ Trading Strategies is to buy an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), which tracks the NASDAQ at the start of November and sell at the end of January. As the NASDAQ since 1971 has produced an average gain of 6.1% from the months of November, December and January.

Next strategy is to buy NASDAQ ETFs around November 1st by using MACD indicator, when MACD line crosses over signal line, this is when one would buy. Then around June 30th, when Signal line crosses over MACD line, this is when one would sell. Even though this strategy is five months longer than the strategy mentioned in the first paragraph, being invested for 8 months in total, has returned an average gain of 10.8% since 1971.

Shows NASDAQ Trading Strategies readers past performance of the NASDAQ.
Nasdaq Composite by Jashuah.
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Last strategy is to buy NASDAQ ETFs on down days, which in the past have been on the fifth and fourteenth trading days of the month, and sell on up days, which have been on the first three and last three trading days of the month.

NASDAQ Trading Strategies tip

As the above strategies have different buy and sell time frames we recommend the use of a demo trading account to get a feel for each strategy as they won’t suit everyone. Past performance isn’t an indicator for future performance. Don’t invest money you cannot afford to lose.

3 Great NASDAQ Trading Strategies Conclusion

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