Sectors Of The Stock Market

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  1. Consumer Discretionary- This sector is made up of industries that offer products or services that are not necessities. Examples include luxury resorts, high-end retailers, and travel industries such as hotels and resorts.
  2. Consumer staples- This sector is made up of industries that offer the most common consumer products such as food, housewares, tobacco and drugs.
  3. Energy- This sector covers companies that do business in the oil and natural gas industry. This includes oil and gas exploration and production companies, also producers of other consumable fuels such as coal and ethanol. The energy sector also covers the related businesses that provide equipment, materials, and services to oil and gas producers.
  4. Financials- This sector is made up of industries such banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, consumer finance providers, and mortgage-related real estate investment trusts among financials.
  5. Health care- This sector has two main components. First component covers companies that develop pharmaceuticals and treatments based on biotechnology, as well as the analytical tools and supplies required for the clinical trials that test those treatments. The second component covers healthcare equipment and services, including surgical supplies, medical diagnostic tools, and health insurance.
  6. Industrials- This sector is made up of a wide range of different businesses that more often than not call for the use of heavy equipment. Transportation stocks such as airlines, railroads, and logistics companies are present within the industrials sector, along with companies in the aerospace, defense, construction, and engineering industries. Companies producing building products, electrical equipment, and machinery also fall under this sector, as do numerous conglomerates.
  7. Information Technology- This sector is made up of companies developing software or offering services related to implementing technological solutions, while others are more engaged in building the equipment, components, and hardware that make tech viable. Information technology also covers semiconductor manufacturers and the machinery used to produce semiconductor chips.
  8. Materials- This sector is made up of companies that provide different goods for use in manufacturing and other applications. You’ll find producers of chemicals, construction materials, and containers and packaging in the materials sector, as well as mining stocks and businesses specializing in making paper and forest products.
  9. Telecommunication services- This sector is made up of telecommunication services providers, encompassing both wireless telecom networks and providers of old-style landline services, make up one side of the sector. On the other side are media and entertainment companies, covering both older media such as television and radio and interactive media through the internet and modern forms of communication.
  10. Utilities- This sector is made up of utilities specializing in generating electrical power for residential and commercial customers, as well as specialists in natural gas transmission and distribution. Other utilities are in charge to deliver water to customers.

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