Why Do Stocks Go Up And Down Over The Short-Term

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  • Movement by the rest of the stock market: If the whole market moves up or down, most stocks follow the same direction.
  • Earnings reports: These reports are released quarterly by companies to give investors a progress report on the business. Investors most of the time react swiftly and profoundly to these reports.
  • Industry developments: What’s occurring in an industry can impact every company in a field. If a company, for example, develops a new product that makes competitor’s offerings superannuated, a prompt reaction can come about.
  • Management changes: Who gets recruited and laid off at the top can be crucial since such changes can indicate a pivot in the company’s direction or a power struggle at the executive level.
  • Raw materials: Shifts in the price of raw materials can seriously impact companies that need to buy basic ingredients to manufacture their products. Inflated raw material costs have to be passed on to the company’s consumer, or profits will deteriorate.
  • Trading momentum: When an individual stock gets going, it can seem as if there’s no slowing down. Regularly, companies turn into darlings with investors and can revel in big rallies as more people get involved.
  • Merger chatter: When the goss tells you that a corporate buyout is in the pipeline, that can be market-moving information since companies are typically bought out for a premium to the current share price.
  • Bond yields: The yield on bonds dictates how much stocks are worth to investors, so a change in yields has an immediate effect on stocks.
  • Economic reports: Official announcements about the health of the economy, including changes in short-term interest rates by the fed, help investors determine if they want to hold stocks at the time.
  • Legal insider buying or selling: When corporate executives are buying or selling a lot of their company’s stock, that’s worth keeping an eye on. When companies’ chief executive officers (CEO) are buying, for instance, investors believe that they know what they’re tasked to do and perhaps decide to follow suit.
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